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Truck Airlift Suspension System Kits

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It is essential to use airlift 72000 model compressor for automatic air leveling the springs of your truck chassis, nothing to talk about what people say. For this purpose, checking and replacing the primary air filters is necessary. Some engines are equipped with twin filters, the primary filter in the fuel lines between the tank and the engine, and the secondary filter between the airlift pump and the injecting pump.

A 200 hours interval is recommended for the replacement of air filters. Seldom forget to close the air stop cock to stop air leakage from the air tank. Tank Leakage can be reduced with the help of a steel or plastic cap screwed on the edge of its nozzle.

The sealing of canister and the bracket is of utmost importance, every week. The new filters don’t need any frequent replacing of caps every time as they come with original seals. One can easily assemble the basic filter by reversing the process as it was performed basically during its assembly. Base plate bolts should be smeared with oil for their smooth tightening around the sealing rings.

Many times the dip type fuel pump can play false due to blowing down the tank. A light pressure is always preferred while inserting the filter into the tank. The filling of air through wireless pump is not so tedious with the help of a primary air lifter.

The one of two types is replacing the secondary air filter, usually. I replace the spin-air filter by unscrewing the lid with the help of a wrench, similar to the method we use to replace in our cars.

Helpful Wireless Air Leveling

The driver can check regularly throughout the week for lost pressure that he can occasionally see on the digital scale provided in front of the driver seat. any time he observes the low level of the pressure in the air springs, he can switch on the instrument to initiate the wireless air leveling system.

Maintenance of Air lift Pressure Pump

If your engine is not self bleeding then you require to perform some simple stems to drain its oil filters to run the engine smoothly. Be sure all the valves of you fuel system are open. In case the level of primary oil filter is down, operating it with the left lever is always beneficial. The driver can do it by raising the pressure slightly and pumping through the reverse stroke of the foot pedal.

The dip pipe can directly suck air from the air pump once initiated the air flow from already filled tank through wireless air level compressor. In both the case the primary filter needs to be operated through the filter pump, though it takes a few minutes to make it bubble free.

Importance of Air Spring Compressor For Vehicles

People need to invest on their automobiles by installing top quality accessories and important parts. The most important is the air spring compressor that has easily replaced the use of coiled steel springs, in the due course of time. They are mainly responsible to maitain the supreme mobility with respect to the height of the vehicle. The coil springs had lower compression ratio as compared to the air springs, resulting into the main cause of their elimination.